Pyramids and Promises by Kimberly Loth (eBooks, ePUB, PDF, MOBI)

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Pyramids and Promises (Omega Mu Alpha Brothers #2) by Kimberly Loth – Free eBooks Download


Jessica Erickson’s never been one to run from her problems, but she has no choice this time. The only way to escape her cheating, mentally abusive ex-husband is to flee her beloved second home in Russia for the dusty, hot Cairo desert. It’s the absolute last place in the world she would actually want to go, but the only option available to her. Unfortunately, the sand isn’t the camouflage she hoped it was and her stalker ex is still able to track her down.

Egypt isn’t as terrible as she had initially believed though. She lucks upon a chance meeting with Conner Locke, who’s as hot as the Sahara and determined to show her the beauty in what she finds ugly. Not just in Cairo, but in herself. As a therapist, she knows that rebound relationships never last, but she can’t stop from tumbling head over heels for him. But Conner’s own demons might shred their new happiness before either one of them get the chance to believe it’s truly real.

Please note: This title was originally published under another pseudonym; Kierra Quinn.

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