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pursuing little, scott wylder

Pursuing His Little (Doctor Daddy’s Perfect Littles #10) by Scott Wylder – Free eBooks Download


This town started off as the perfect place for Daddies and Littles to start a relationship. When Littles go corrupt, it’s up to the Daddies to set them right.

No one’s doing the playgroup parties anymore, at least not the way they used to be.
Now, the only gathering is on Saturdays, and it’s changed too much.
Instead of parties and punch, it’s an actual playgroup.
The Daddies are still super sexy, but the Littles are acting like children.
Perhaps this lifestyle isn’t for me.
That is until I meet him…
Tall, strong, sexy, strict
He wants to set me in place, and I want him.

Everybody thought Matthew was crazy when he canceled the playgroup parties.
Now that he’s settled down with Nina and expecting, he says he wants to help.
So, instead of parties, we just have a playgroup now.
All the Littles are leaving, but more are coming in.
Among them, I meet her…
Short, curvy, sexy
She’s extremely rebellious, and I enjoy a challenge.
Can I change her into the perfect Little?

Littles have run wild for too long. It’s about time the Daddies set them right and showed them the truth of being a Little. However, old habits die hard.

Pursuing His Little is a hot, short, sexy Age Play romance featuring two consenting adults who are the perfect match for each other. It includes some DDlg elements, some moments of suspense, lots of lust and love, and a Happily Ever After you can root for. Enjoy!

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