Purred Promises by R. E. Butler (ePUB)

purred promises, re butler

Purred Promises (Cider Falls Shifters #1) by R. E. Butler – Free eBooks Download


When the male arranged to be lynx princess Genesis Roark’s mate dies during a hunt, her father gives her two choices—mate the male’s father or be banished from the clan. Opting not to spend the rest of her life with a male she’s not attracted to, she chooses banishment and strikes out on her own. She heads for Cider Falls, Kentucky, a town where shifters, hybrids, and humans all live and work together.

Tiger-wolf hybrid Jair Venture settled in Cider Falls a year ago. As a hybrid, his blue-and-black striped wolf fur and mismatched eyes relegated him to the bottom tier in the tiger pride. In Cider Falls, he finds a place to call home. When Jair meets Genesis, he knows he’s in the presence of his true mate. The gorgeous female is ready and willing to be his mate and loves his blue and green eyes. In the midst of their budding relationship, Jair will have to come to terms with the cause of his messed-up genetics, and the fact that Genesis’s exile from her home comes with its own baggage in the form of the disgruntled male she left behind.

*This book includes one hybrid shifter with a chip on his shoulder, one exiled lynx princess, inappropriate pool hall bets, and gratuitous use of the word ‘mine.’

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