Pure as Snow by Laura Burton (ePUB)

pure as snow, laura burton

Pure as Snow (Fairytales Reimagined #4) by Laura Burton, Jessie Cal – Free eBooks Download


The Huntsman is hired to win Snow White’s heart, but loses his own instead.

Princess Snow White is hiding from her sister; the evil Snow Queen, in a village of dwarfs, along with her trusty owl Roger.
She’s living a simple life, forgetting all about the horrors of her past, when she stumbles upon a handsome huntsman, Emmett, who sweeps her off her feet. Literally.

While Emmett wants to escape the Chanted Forest and never look back, Snow seeks to restore peace in the Chanted Kingdom and save her twisted sister from her evil ways. And Emmett’s safe passage to the Northern Realm depends on helping Snow find the one person who can save her sister: Jack Frost.

Emmett and Snow join forces, facing deadly enemies, and in order to survive, they will need to rely on each other, and of course, on the animals of the forest, who only Snow can communicate with.
But not all is as it seems…

And when secrets, deception, and lies are unearthed, will Emmett and Snow go their separate ways, or will they save the kingdom from an eternal winter and risk their own lives for the chance at a happy ending?

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