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punished, zara novak

Punished by Zara Novak – Free eBooks Download


When I arrived in Vrakal I wasn’t sure what to expect. Humans don’t often go to vampire cities, they are dark, chaotic and lawless places. A small human like me wouldn’t last long on her own. I’m barely there for all of fifteen minutes when a huge and powerful vampire proves me right.
He destroys an entire pack of vampires just to claim me. I try to run. No one claims me.
That’s when I feel the sting of his discipline for the first time. He bends me over his knee; his strong hands somehow reduce me to a shaking and quivering mess.
Then I realize I might actually be enjoying this.
His punishment leaves me howling, sore, defiled, and filled. I’m wondering how much longer this punishment can go on, but the vampire is only just getting started.
He takes me into the dark city. More punishment is in store, and there’s not a chance in hell he’s letting me get away. I’m his now, and he can do whatever he wants with me.

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