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pumpkin patch, harpie alexa

Pumpkin Patch by Harpie Alexa – Free eBooks Download


Celebrating Halloween is no crime, but to this alien grump, it is if it gets in the way of his work!
When his last employee quits on the spot, everything Daegry holds dear is put on the line. His home, his land and his precious gourd farming business. Acclaimed across the Galaxies or not, harvesting season is upon him and unfortunately for Daegry, he has far too much land to work alone, not to mention there’s a vexing human interfering with his phones.
Fired from her job weeks before Halloween, Willa worries if she’ll ever be able to pay the rent, or worse, decorate her home for what is clearly the best holiday of the year. But all is not lost. A job posting for Gary’s Gourds catches her eye. She’s never worked on a farm before, but that’s no deterrent. What she does find deterring, however, is the imposing male in charge of the business. He’s tall, he’s grouchy, and he’s downright furious that she keeps interrupting his day.

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