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Amry Phillips is going through a true quarter-life crisis. Between two years of mourning her dad’s death, constantly worrying about her remaining family, and fighting to maintain some sense of her former self, she’s not sure she will ever be the same. To top it all off, she’s just discovered something especially upsetting under her long-term boyfriend’s bed, leaving her scrambling to find someone to join her on vacation to Savannah, Georgia for her high school best friend’s wedding.
Enter Ada, Amry’s 17-year-old sister with a lively personality that is often overshadowed by her trichotillomania, an anxiety disorder that causes her to subconsciously pull her own hair out. After a year and a half of feeling held back by her disorder, Ada is on a mission to build her confidence and live her life despite the judgment and self-consciousness that come along with it.
Together, the two set out on a fun and food-filled week in one of the South’s most charming cities. But when Amry runs into her childhood friend Jace and his cousin Gemma, the trajectory of their relaxing summer getaway is changed. With new opportunities in front of them, the sisters will have the chance to learn more about themselves, grow closer to each other, and open their hearts to the love that neither of them believes they deserve.

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