Puck Me Twice by Allie Lasky (ePUB)

puck me twice, allie lasky

Puck Me Twice (Power Play Off the Ice) by Allie Lasky – Free eBooks Download


Puck Me Twice is:

second chance romance
fake dating
Own Voices – neurodivergent male character
found family
he’s touch averse… except with her
Meet SVEN.

Sven is a Swedish hockey player who happens to be autistic. That doesn’t define him, though, there are other things about him that are far more interesting, like:

he loves to garden; even though his house is stark black and white (and in the middle of the city), it’s alive with plants
VERY invested in his sourdough starter; bakes bread and trades recipes with the little old lady who lives across the street
cares very deeply for Rupert, his parrot — and yes, Rupert can talk

Vanessa is a romance-book obsessed workaholic who doesn’t know if she actually believes in real-life happily ever after.
she has virtually no relationship with her family
works for a hockey team… and has a strict no hooking up with players rule
when her ex starts working for the team, she asks the hockey player she had a one night stand with to pretend to be her boyfriend

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