Puck Me Baby One More Time by Wynter Ryan (ePUB)

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Puck Me Baby One More Time (Playing the Puck #2) by Wynter Ryan – Free eBooks Download


Being wild and crazy isn’t in my DNA. I’m the quiet best friend. The one who gets straight A’s and hides behind her glasses. But after a breakup with my long-time boyfriend, I need to feed my wild side.
Having a birthday on the same day as Halloween has always felt like a curse until I decide to embrace the magic of the holiday and dress like Brittney Spears for my best friend’s family Halloween party. I’m dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, complete with a blonde pigtail wig and foregoing my glasses for my contacts to hide behind the eye mask to keep my identity a secret, and ready for the night of my life.
I have one mission, and that is to seduce my crush. The problem is I don’t have a crush on just one guy; I have a crush on three guys: my best friend’s triplet brothers, Torin, Talen, and Tarek. All three are professional hockey players who can have any woman they want, but tonight, I want them to want me, and I’ll do anything to make that happen.
I was wrong to think being with them once would be enough to get them out of my mind. Instead, I have to stop myself from begging them to Puck me baby one more time.

Torin, Talen, Tarek
We knew it was Britt hiding behind the mask and wearing the Brittney Spears costume that fateful night, but we decided to play along when she refused to give us her name in that adorable fake British accent that fooled no one. Each one of us gave in to the temptation we swore to stay away from. A brotherly pact we decided on long ago. But when she approached each of us individually, all bets were off.
Once we found out we had each been with our dream girl on the same night, we should have been horrified, but instead, it felt right. Being identical triplets, we have shared everything from the moment we were conceived. Why not Britt? And why not all of us at the same time?
Stepping back and giving her time to come to us was the hardest thing we’ve ever done. Waiting almost two years to make her ours again has been almost impossible. But no other woman will do now that we’ve had a taste of our Britt.

So, when the opportunity arises to be her new roommates, we jump at the chance, hoping to make her moan, oh, baby, baby, baby, one more time.

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