Public Rivalry: The Billionaire’s Successor by Rebecca Kinkade (ePUB)

public rivalry, rebecca kinkade

Public Rivalry: The Billionaire’s Successor by Rebecca Kinkade – Free eBooks Download


Corinne and Gray are rivals—and that’s putting it lightly. They’ve been in competition since kindergarten and the stakes have only gotten higher: college, business school, law school, and now…love? Okay, maybe nobody saw that last one coming. Then again, maybe this was twenty-five years in the making…

Corinne has never liked Gray Davenport. Why would she? Every villain has an origin story—and she’s probably Gray’s. So naturally, when her best friend impersonates her on a dating app and connects with Gray on her behalf, the last thing she expects is for him to respond with two smug, yet unbearably sexy words: “About time.” Now she can’t stop thinking about him, that cocky, rich, handsome, and vengeful playboy. Still, she can’t stop wondering: How is it possible for a guy who has always hated her to be so talented at pleasuring her in every way possible?
But unbeknownst to Corinne, Gray has never hated her. He might be the closest thing she has to an archnemesis, but she’s nothing like that for him. Corinne is the one that got away—the one thing that money can’t buy—and Gray should know. He’s a billionaire’s successor and has been preparing his entire life to take over a global business empire. So why does that empire seem so unimportant now that Corinne Tyler has walked back into his life?

*Public Rivalry is a full-length standalone rivals-to-lovers romance novel about two people who have spent their entire lives in competition, only to realize they’re much more than sworn-enemies. Teeming with witty banter and steamy encounters, this novel has no cheating or cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed!

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