Psycho Sinners by J.E. Cluney (ePUB)

psycho sinners, je cluney

Psycho Sinners (Psycho Mafia #1) by J.E. Cluney – Free eBooks Download


They say we need to repent for our sins. I say we should let it all burn.

Psycho is one word I’m used to in my life. Trauma does that to you, makes you unhinged and broken, always looking out for yourself.
But when my fiancé pushes that one button, I find myself watching his bar burn to the ground, my lighter in hand.
We all do things in the heat of the moment.
Little do I know that this lapse in judgement will set me on a trajectory to collide with the Silvestri brothers. Three men who make me realize those who called me psycho didn’t understand the true meaning of the word.
Because these three deliciously wretched men are beyond insane, and they’ve set their sights on me, claiming me as their own whether I like it or not.
They’re intent to make me their pet, but I’m not about to roll over for them. Two can play at this game of psycho, and they’re in for a ride if they think they can control me.

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