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Psycho (Hillcrest University #4) by Candace Wondrak – Free eBooks Download


It’s official. I’ve come undone. My time at Hillcrest only led to my undoing. My past finally caught up to me, and now I’m in my ex’s hands. Ray, the Midtown Strangler, my serial killer ex who got off on a technicality. When I’m with him, I can almost forget what I saw at that party.
But the truth is there is no forgetting it, and being with Ray only reminds me of the past, the past I’d tried so hard to forget. Ray is a psycho, and to get away from him—to truly be free of him—I have to turn to my own psychos for help.
It’s time for the truth, and it’s going to hurt. The past isn’t what matters most; it’s the future. We’ll have to fight for the right to have that future. If the handsome, rich boys at Hillcrest want to come out of this alive, they’ll have to look past their differences and stand by me.
It’s do or die.
Psycho is a darker romance, meaning there are topics that might offend you. Self-harm, suicide, stalking, graphic violence, bullying themes, and more to come. Be warned.

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