Protective Vows by B.B. Hamel (ePUB)

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Protective Vows (Valverde Mafia #1) by B.B. Hamel – Free eBooks Download


I crave freedom and his marriage bed.
But I can’t have both.
I’m all that’s left of the powerful Greek Florakis mafia. My father and my older brothers were murdered in a yacht explosion off the coast of Crete, and now my family is in tatters.

That’s when Luca Valverde comes for me. He’s six-foot-four, covered in scars and muscles, a hardened killer, and my sworn enemy.
But instead of finishing the job, he takes me home and gives me a choice: a bullet or his wedding ring.

I accept marriage and decide to bide my time until I can put a knife in his back.
When we return to New York, things get complicated. He needs to prove himself to his family after taking a Greek bride, and I’m stuck trying to help my hated husband while also waiting to escape.

Every second I spend in his marriage bed is another second I spend forgetting about my freedom.
His touch is a poison flower and his lips are like honey.
But I’m playing the long game, and in the end, I’m going to win.

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