Protecting Yuma by Kendra Mei Chailyn (ePUB)

protecting yuma, kendra mei chailyn

Protecting Yuma (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) by Kendra Mei Chailyn – Free eBooks Download


A missing doctor, a stolen software and a brother on the hunt…

Though Yuma Reo comes from money, her life has not been easy. Finally educated and working on her first major job, she figures life is finally on the right path. That is until her friend vanishes, someone tries to kill her, and Yukio crashes into her life with questions about his brother and a body she can’t resist.
What else could possibly go wrong?

Yukio Kimura is a walking surprise, but he never lets that stops him from pushing himself. After retiring from the military and selling his company, he takes time off to visit Tex and the team. But his vacation is cut short by a frantic phone call from his mom about his missing brother.

Back home, Yukio hits the ground running, needing to bring his brother home alive.
But what will he do about Yuma and the fact she’s gotten under his skin and into his heart?

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  • Protecting Yuma – Kendra Mei Chailyn ePUB



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