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Protecting the Billionaire by Jason Collins – Free eBooks Download



Money can change the world, but it can’t save my love life.

Just because I’m worth billions, everyone thinks they know me. Sure, I’ve spent a few nights enjoying fine champagne and counting someone’s endless abs after a hard day of work. But no amount of inventing can bring me love, and I can’t invent the perfect partner to pin me against the wall.

What’s life at the top worth if I don’t have a strong pair of arms to wake up in?

If that weren’t enough, now I’ve got a dangerous threat to deal with. After someone tries to kidnap me, my security team insists I need a bodyguard. Which means I now have a man to share my life with.

But I don’t want my hand held. I won’t stay sheltered. And I definitely don’t need some gruff bodyguard to babysit me.

Still, he’s hotter than hades. A tower of ripped muscles. He lives with me, eats with me, and sleeps so deliciously close to me.

The problem? I’m sure he’s straight. Almost positive…


I don’t do romance.

Been there, done that, never should have in the first place, never will again. I’m divorced, living in a cramped apartment in the Bronx, and scraping by as a private eye after desk politics threw my detective career under the bus.

But when an old friend sends me a job offer with a salary that makes my jaw drop, how can I say no? All I have to do is play bodyguard for some spoiled billionaire. The only problem: rich people piss me off. They’re entitled, high-maintenance jerks.

Too bad the job pays a fortune. There’s no way I can turn it down.

When I meet Jamie, he isn’t what I expect. He’s kind – noble, even. He’s rich as hell, but he uses his money to do good things. It intrigues me. Attracts me.

I’ve never been with a guy, but Jamie’s got my brain and heart twisted up in knots.

In a single moment, everything changes. His hand touches mine. I don’t pull away. The look we exchange could be the start of something.

But I’ve got to be careful. Someone wants to hurt Jamie. It’s up to me to keep him safe. If I get distracted, even for an instant, I could lose everything.

If only he weren’t so distracting…

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