Protecting Prince by Hope Bennett (ePUB)

protecting prince, hope bennett

Protecting Prince (Dragon’s Mate #3) by Hope Bennett – Free eBooks Download


Prince knows Darren is his fated mate the second he scents him. But no matter how hard he tries, he keeps messing up in front of the calm and collected gargoyle. How exactly is he going to woo his mate?

Sometimes it seems that everything Prince touches breaks. Even when he wants more than anything to look suave and sexy, just for once, he can’t even stay on his own two feet. Desperate to impress his mate somehow, Prince sets out to find something he’s good at. Something, that is, except breaking things. With his family rolling their eyes at him, his mate oblivious to his presence and his self-esteem falling by the minute, Prince begins to get desperate.

Darren is a workaholic old gargoyle. What could he possibly offer someone as young and vibrant as Prince?

When Darren arrives at the castle to do some security updates for the family, he intends to do his job, keep himself to himself, and go home. But that isn’t what fate has planned for him. No, fate has given him Prince. The clumsiest, sweetest, most generous man he’s ever met. He has to squash these new feelings, he has to control himself, he has to focus on work… and he has to protect Prince, even if it’s from his own overbearing family. That’s what gargoyles are good at, after all.

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