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protecting marisol, josie kerr

Protecting Marisol (Richards Security #1) by Josie Kerr – Free eBooks Download


After years of professional and personal frustrations, Marisol Schaefer finally has the life she’s always wanted—well, almost. Though she’s riding high on the success of her romance novels, a real-life love affair seems out of her reach, at least until she has a chance encounter with a younger man at a neighborhood pub.
Wilder lived through a disastrous helicopter crash, but his marriage couldn’t survive the realities of wartime deployment. With his new position at Richards Security, he’s ready to start building his post-military life.
The two encounter each other at a neighborhood bar and spend the evening flirting but in the moment, neither makes a move to expand their interaction, something they both later regret. But Wilder’s new assignment is at the studio where Marisol is working on a new series, and the two are thrown together. Determined to keep things professional, they resist their growing attraction, but when threats to Marisol’s safety move from letters to physical confrontation, Wilder will risk his life to protect Marisol.

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