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protecting her secrets, rosa mink

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For years Gabby’s kept secrets from her entire family, especially the ones that involve them. Those secrets are why she’s now married to Wyatt. Those secrets she’ll do anything to protect—even if it means Wyatt thinking she stole millions from his company. She simply didn’t anticipate just how far Wyatt would go to learn the truth. Then again, he doesn’t have the first clue just how deep her secrets go.

She never expected to start to like the man, have him touch her heart, let alone fall in love with him. It’s too complicated though. She can’t tell him the truth, especially after learning she’s pregnant with his baby. It will tear them apart, which will destroy the tiny bit of happiness she’s finally accepted within their marriage. But when the past comes back to haunt her, she’ll tell whatever lies necessary to keep her secrets safe.

With strong language, no cheating, and a HEA (were you worried?), Protecting Her Secrets is approximately 53,800 words. It is intended for an adult audience and may include subjects that are sensitive to some readers.

TW: discussions of domestic abuse, child abuse, assault, and depression in the story

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