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Protecting Her Heart (Security Seals #3) by Michelle Woods – Free eBooks Download


Evie Dalton’s mother often quoted that old adage about lemons and lemonade but it’s hard to make due with what you have when your life is falling apart. Evie is no stranger to hardship; her father’s choices ruined her life six years ago and she’s still feeling the repercussions of his selfishness. Losing her job and her home in a month’s time means she’s almost destitute when she stumbles into Seals Security for a job interview. Becoming arrogant Luke Stewart’s personal assistant was not part of her life plan. But when faced with living on the streets or dealing with Luke’s less than appealing personality, what choice does she have?
Luke Stewart decided over a decade ago that women were too much trouble and recent events haven’t changed his outlook. After nine temps and eight months of trying to find a decent replacement for his retired personal assistant without success, he’s not ready for Evie or her sassy nature. Now she’s giving him fits over being late to meetings and telling him to pick up his own damned dry cleaning. With Evie on the other side of his office door, the only thing Luke wants to know is whether he’s in charge or is she?

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