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protecting her, mazzy king

Protecting Her (Magnolia Mountain PD #1) by Mazzy King – Free eBooks Download


When a famous actress returns home to Magnolia Mountain, Jared Reeves thinks he’s going to be guarding a stuck-up princess, not the girl he once knew…and had a secret crush on. He’s in for a surprise when he discovers she’s still a down-home girl at heart…and speaking of hearts, she still has his.

Being the chief’s son is not as glamorous as it seems, but it’s a role I take seriously no matter what…because I’m one of the officers he oversees.
I’m used to being asked to do grunt work, but when he comes to me with his latest request, I can hardly believe my ears.
Irena Mathison, once a small-town girl who now stars on TV, is back in town for a quiet weekend.
And I’m supposed to “keep an eye” on her.
Maybe my father doesn’t know our history, how Irena stole my heart when we were in high school.
How she never gave me a second look beyond her geeky lab partner.
How I’m still in love with her.

When a scandal breaks with my name squarely—and unfairly—in the middle of it, there’s only one place I can go to deal with it.
Back home to Magnolia Mountain.
Unfortunately, some paparazzi picked up my trail, and I know they’re coming after me.
I need the help of local law enforcement to keep them away, and to my surprise, the quiet, smart boy I remember from high school is now the cop assigned to make sure I’m okay…and he’s all grown up.
Spending time with him makes me remember what I love about being home…and how different our worlds are now.

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