Protecting Amy by Cynthia Cooke (ePUB)

protecting amy, cynthia cooke

Protecting Amy (Granite Falls #7) by Cynthia Cooke – Free eBooks Download


Surviving against all odds: A woman’s fight against human traffickers!

Having lost his wife in a tragic car accident, Jonathan Halloway, an EMT, can’t seem to find solace in anything. Desperate for a distraction from his pain, he takes a backpacking trip along the Appalachian trail.
But instead of finding peace, he finds Amy running for her life from human traffickers hot on her trail. Jonathan is hesitant to help her, but his military training and instinct as an EMT soon take over and he agrees to keep her safe.
As they battle the treacherous wilderness and the ever-present danger of their pursuers, Jonathan must confront his guilt over his wife’s death and help Amy rescue her best friend from the traffickers. Amidst their struggles, they seek each other’s help to move forward.
Will they be able to outwit their predators in time or will the traffickers be their undoing?

Their survival hangs in the balance in this story of courage and fighting for love set against the stunning Appalachian mountains.

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