Property of the Green Bastards by Flora Quincy (ePUB)

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Property of the Green Bastards (The Badlands Orc MCs #1) by Flora Quincy – Free eBooks Download


Axe is more than the president of the Green Bastards MC, he is the most powerful orc in the Badlands, the last Horde King. And he wants Dinah out of his town.
But from the moment their eyes meet, their fate is sealed… for better and for worse.
~He is the monster who rules the Badlands.~
When Axe discovers a traitor is determined to destroy the Green Bastards, he must eliminate every threat to his territory, no matter the personal cost.
Then a chance encounter with a human woman brings out primal instincts impossible to ignore.
When Dinah’s secret is revealed, he must decide between loyalty to his club and protecting the only person he can’t live without.
~Her humanity makes her fragile, her past tells another story.~
Dinah survives in the human world by altering her appearance and lying about her past.
A dream job in the orc controlled Badlands is the perfect opportunity to start fresh. But until the proof her family betrayed the Green Bastards is destroyed, she is a dead woman walking.
After an explosive confrontation with Axe, she is forced to face all her darkest desires and fears.
~The drums of war will sound, and blood will flow.~

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