Promise You Nothing by Kris Pearson (ePUB)

promise you nothing, kris pearson

Promise You Nothing (The South & Sexy #8) by Kris Pearson – Free eBooks Download


Emmie Conway has problems. Tall, arrogant Josh Hamilton problems.

Emmie’s brother has suddenly died. Their jointly owned ‘wrecked and ready to reno’ house is now unsaleable. And she might… just might… be pregnant, so her emotions are all over the place. She needs a competent builder, a way to pay off her huge debt, and a miracle. What she gets is implacable, bossy Josh.
He’s fresh out of an unhappy marriage, bitter and bruised, and relocating his property development company to a new city. He’s missing his little daughter fiercely, and she’s the only female he wants in his life right now. He sees Emmie’s job as the ideal challenge to take his mind off his past life, and he fights to give her everything he’s convinced she needs.
Emmie thinks he’s the fixer-upper from hell as she battles for her independence and survival. He’s doing a great job on her house, but does he really have to display his chiseled shirtless body to her as he works in the sweltering summer heat?
Her ‘possibly pregnant’ hormones are doing a gleeful tap dance, and soon more than her house is in danger.

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