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Private Dancer (Club Volare #12) by Chloe Cox – Free eBooks Download


**Bette is undercover as a sub at Club Volare. Cole is the Dom who sees right through her. Only one of them will end up on top.**

Bette Liffey is a survivor. She strips to pay the bills, but she lives for her little sister — and now, because of her powerful lying creep of an ex-husband, a corrupt social worker has decided that Lizzie should live in foster care until Bette can “earn” his recommendation. And to do that, she needs to get the dirt on one Spencer Cole, FBI Agent and Dom. Which is how Bette ends up going undercover as a submissive at Club Volare—and how she ends up the property of Spencer Cole for the night.
He’s the sexiest, most intimidating man she’s ever met. He owns her. And he Sees. Right. Through her.

Now Bette has to find a way to keep it together, even with her hands tied behind her back. But she’s a survivor—she can handle it. Just as long as she doesn’t do anything stupid, like fall in love…
FBI Agent Spencer Cole knows a few things: he always gets his man, he always gets his sub, and he can’t stand liars. He married one once, a long time ago, and it didn’t end well. But when Bette Liffey walks into Club Volare pretending to be something she’s not, he can’t turn away. This is a sub in need, even if she doesn’t know it. And Cole’s going to be the Dom to give her what she needs — over and over again.
He knows she’s hiding something. He knows she’s afraid. But the connection between them demands he go deeper. Bette Liffey is a mystery that Spencer Cole will solve.

But when her lies catch up to them both, Cole will have to choose: the case of his career, or the little sub who’s been lying all along.
Of course, Cole is a Dom. And no one touches his sub but him.

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