Prison Mated by S. Rodman (ePUB)

prison mated, s rodman

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Two wolf shifters in a human prison, in a world that knows nothing of the paranormal, was always going to be a disaster.
Alpha Logan has been in a human prison for years, hiding his shifter identity. One day he smells an omega and his world comes crashing down.
Humans don’t believe the paranormal world is real and everyone wants to keep it that way.
But omegas are gorgeous, sexy as sin, and their pheromones attract humans.
An omega in a prison full of pent up violent men is a disaster. How can Logan keep him safe without revealing his paranormal strength and betraying their kin?
What if he falls for the little omega and starts to believe keeping him safe is more important than keeping the paranormal world hidden?
Feth believes he is a terrible omega. He is relieved when a hot alpha finds him and offers him protection. But pretty soon he messes that up too.
Surviving prison seems easier than working things out with his new alpha.
Will the alpha like him? Claim him?
Will he get prison mated?

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