Prince of Ruby and Flame by LJ Swallow (ePUB)

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Prince of Ruby and Flame (Dragons Reborn #1) by LJ Swallow – Free eBooks Download


Four dragon shifter princes are competing to see who can catch me first.
If they think I’m an easy target, they’re wrong. I’m an assassin who’s looking for one of them.

I’m also a noble daughter of the Aureate Court, but I prefer my secret life in a world of mercenaries and thieves. As a child, I never questioned why my mother allowed this and happily lived away from court. As an adult, I’ve found myself in a delicate situation with a seductive dragon prince and discovered the truth.
My family hid me from the lethal dragon elders because I contain the essence of their Ebon Queen.
The Ebon dragons once destroyed the other flights and unleashed horrors on the human and elven realms. Now that the Ebon Queen and her flight are eradicated, and the other flights reborn, anybody containing Ebon essence is in danger. Even a human.
But I’m no longer hidden, and four determined, arrogant dragon princes are hunting me.
Including Velanor, the Ruby Prince, who thinks I should die because I embody the flight that killed his people.
Whoever returns me to the elders first earns prestige, and Velanor intends to win their competition by any means necessary.
Unfortunately for him, his victory comes at a cost and creates a situation neither of us want.
Can the other princes protect me? Because If I truly do contain the soul of the Ebon Queen, and I unleash her magic to defend myself from Velanor and the elders, I’m unsure who’s in the most danger.
Them or me.

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