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Prince of Iron (4 Princes, #3) by Riley Storm – Free eBooks Download


I am cold steel. Hard. Unyielding.
Until I find her.

When I do, there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s the one. So I do the only logical thing for a dragon to do with treasure. I haul her off to my castle to make her my princess. I wasn’t prepared for everyone to resist me. She says I’m evil, but I just want to show her that fate has meant us to be together. Meanwhile, my kin are saying I’m not fit to be Prince. As if somehow she makes me flawed, instead of whole.
I won’t back down. I will win her heart. And anyone who dares oppose our union? I’ll rip theirs out.
I thought he was my savior. Now, I’m not so sure.
He’s all I could ever want in a man. Handsome, chivalrous, and interested in me for more than just my looks. Everyone assumes I’m the ‘dumb blonde’, but not him. He sees the real me. So why did he have to kidnap me and turn into a dragon? Why couldn’t he be normal?
When he offers me freedom, I find it hard to leave. Without him around, my life is dull and colorless. When his skin brushes mine, I melt. It’s torture, knowing I should resist him, but I’m unable to deny the heat of my own desires. Being mated to a dragon comes with more than just perks though. Dangers abound, all of which can prove quite deadly for a human…

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