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Prince of Fire by Tawny Taylor – Free eBooks Download


Prince Talen Jacek has lived a cursed existence for over two thousand years, sacrificing his life so that strangers may live. Live, die, regenerate. It’s a cycle he can’t escape. He is the legendary Black Phoenix. And he can never experience true love…At least, that’s what he has always believed.Until he sets his eyes on the enemy’s next victim. Every morning, computer programmer Keri Maddox gets up, goes through her daily grind, and returns home to a frozen meal and a book. Her life may not be filled with glamor or excitement or crazy burning-up-the-sheets sex, but predictability can never be overrated.

At least, that’s what she has always believed.Until she discovers Talen in her apartment. Wearing only a bath towel. Suddenly her safe and tidy world is yanked from under her feet. And it’s not just because of what’s hidden under that towel.Warning: Contains a sexy, dominant man with a fierce body, a hot tattoo and an unconventional use for scarves…and many scrumptious scenes displaying his finer assets. Sex. Explicit sex. More sex. Hot sex with light bondage. And did I mention the tattoo?

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