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priest, aiden bates

Priest (Hell’s Ankhor #10) by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda – Free eBooks Download


I’m lonely, but am I ready to move on?
I’ve been Ankh’s Old Man for as long as Hell’s Ankhor has existed. But Ankh’s been dead for two years, and I need to live my life for me. I love the guys of HAC, but no one’s keeping me warm at night. No one except Mal, and that’s only in my dreams.

He doesn’t do long term, and he’s one of my oldest friends. Hooking up could risk the club, yet when it comes to him, I don’t care. I’m ready to live and love again.

Priest makes me want to sin.
I can’t ruin thirty years of friendship because of a little lust. But nothing about Priest is little. The old bear is just as muscular as me, and I’m sure he could pin me. Damn, I want him in the sack.

Making a move risks not only our friendship, but potentially our MC. I’ve never needed a serious relationship, but Priest deserves more than a one night stand. When a psycho ex-fling comes into town to stalk me, Priest is at my side. With our club we can handle any danger.

Are we ready to handle each other?

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