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pride, katie may

Pride (The Damning #5) by Katie May – Free eBooks Download


One of my mates is more beast than man.
Another is on a suicide mission.
Oh, and I’m engaged to someone I consider a brother.
What else could possibly go wrong?
Famous last words.
After returning to the kings after completing the latest trial, my mates and I thought we might actually be able to take our next step in overthrowing them.
Boy, were we wrong.
Lupe has gone insane after he felt me die, Devlin is determined to seek revenge on Aaliyah who he deems responsible, and Ryland’s father is imprisoned for helping my people. To put the final nail in the coffin, I’m engaged to Axel—batshit crazy Axel with a penchant for sharp machetes.
Our newest mission? Save Lupe, find Devlin, meet up with the missing members of the resistance, kill the kings, and then finally, finally stop Aaliyah. Easy peasy.
But when our search leads us deep into the Forest of Monsters and Beasts, we discover that this journey might not be as straightforward as it seems. Dangerous forces are at play, and we’re nothing but pawns on a game board.
The thing is… I’m not a piece to be played, an instrument to be strummed, a joker to be laughed at.
I’m the kingdom’s assassin, the Liberator, and it’s about time they remembered that.
The streets will be painted red with blood before I allow the kings or my deranged sister to hurt another one of my mates again.
But what if the cost of their protection…is my own morality? Just what am I willing to give up for love?

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