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pretty baby, athena steller

Pretty Baby (Daddy’s Boy #2) by Athena Steller – Free eBooks Download


The Boy:
Caleb has been hiding his true self for so long that he isn’t sure who he is anymore. He’s not the brat he portrays. He’s not confident like others think. Caleb is just a shy boy, who loves pretty things, and animals. No one stays long enough to learn who Caleb really. How could he trust any of them to show his deepest secret? That is, until one night at the club Caleb finds a Daddy Dom that sees right through his masks. Grant demands things from Caleb that scares him. Has Caleb met the one Daddy Dom that he can open up to?

The Daddy:
The moment Grant spots the vulnerability that Caleb hides so well he’s hooked. He has plenty of experience reading people as a Detective but Caleb is a mystery in more ways than one. He’s also the sweetest and neediest boy Grant has ever met. Caleb has secrets but Grant will push until all is revealed. Until Caleb is under his thumb and accepts that he is Grant’s pretty princess.

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