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Preacher (The East End Boys #1) by Christopher Harlan – Free eBooks Download


My preacher absolved no sins, because he was the sinner.

They say that you should give your heart away to the right guy, but mine was taken from me ten years ago, the moment Preacher moved into town and sent a blast wave through my life. He was my walking contradiction—gentle eyes set in a hardened face, an angel and an uncaged beast, mesmerizing good looks and terrifying ferocity, my savior and my destroyer.
When he disappeared senior year he broke me like so much fragile glass. I thought I’d moved on from what happened between us, but now he’s reappeared out of nowhere, upending my life and reminding me that I can never break his hold over me.

I was trouble with a capital T—the guy your mom warned you to stay away from because he’d ruin you. She was right. I had no business being with a girl like Lyric—it was against all the rules—but when the hell have I ever followed other people’s rules?
She was beautiful, delicate, and oh so breakable. I was forceful, aggressive, and cocky as hell. Ten years ago fate split us apart. But now I’m back, here in New York, to remind Lyric of what she knows deep down but has always tried to deny.

That she’s mine, and she always will be.

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