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I’ve had a crush on Tanner Telford since I was a little girl. But meeting him? And discovering that he wants me? That just seems too good to be true.

That’s why I keep my guard up when I’m accepted into his creative writing academy. Tanner is a seven foot silver fox with a dark past and the most intense eyes I’ve ever seen. When he looks at me, it’s like I’m the only woman alive. But I just know he’d laugh if I told him how badly I’m crushing on him.

Then I make a mistake. I just can’t resist peeking through the door to spy on him, an alpha in his element, doing push-ups in his iron colored suit. He sees me looking … and this crazy, angry expression falls across his powerful features.

What happens next makes me suspicious as hell. He tells me that I belong to him now. He tells me that no other man can ever touch me. He tells me that I’m going to be the mother to his children and that I’m the sexiest woman he’s ever laid his eyes on.

Me? A twenty-one year old orphan, wannabe writer, barista with a curvy build who’s never even had a boyfriend? It’s just so hard to believe that a thirty-nine year old sizzling hot bestselling writer with hordes of eager fans would want me of all people.

But Tanner is a man who knows what he wants. Now that he’s claimed me, he’s never letting go.

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