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Possessive Devil by B. B. Hamel – Free eBooks Download


He can own me. But I won’t obey.

Calvino is a nightmare wrapped in a million dollar suit. He has eyes like the black between stars and lips like clouds and his toned body is a sculptor’s dream.
Someone in his family murdered my cousin, and I’ll do anything to find out which of the monsters pulled the trigger.
But when Calvino catches me drugging and stealing from his brother, my life hangs in the balance. He offers me a choice: help investigate the untimely death of his mother, or follow her into the grave.
I’m forced to work with the one man I hate more than anything in the world. If I want to stay alive, I need to do what he says, when he says it.
Our stories intertwine in an ugly mess of trauma and bitter failures.
Stolen glances, accidental touches, intense possessive outbursts and the rough hands of a man that knows what he wants and how to take it slowly make me wonder if everything I’ve ever believed might be wrong.
And one night, after making the most glorious mistake of my life, Calvino offers to help solve my cousin’s killing.
Calvino’s a gorgeous devil, but he might be the monster I need.

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