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Forbidden fruit never tasted so good…
He’s my professor.
I’m his student.
I shouldn’t want him, but I do.
He shouldn’t want me, but he does.
How are we meant to stay away from one another?
The answer is, we aren’t.
And as much as what we are doing is wrong, I don’t care.
I live my life on the edge, never shying away or bowing down to anyone.
My world is dangerous, deadly.
I love the thrill, the excitement, the power of knowing that everywhere I go, people know where I come from.
I believe in love.
I believe in power.
I believe in status, and I intend to be at the top of the chain… with him by my side.
We just have to wait, bide our time, choose the right moment to come out of the shadows.
Is he ready to be a part of my world?
Is he ready to forget everything he’s ever known?
And will he be able to handle the heat when the time comes for everyone to know about us?
Or will it all come crashing down around me when I finally let him into my heart?
I am Natalie Valentine, and this is my story…

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