Playing With Fire by Nicole Summer (ePUB)

playing with fire, nicole summer

Playing With Fire (Alpha Hero #2) by Nicole Summer – Free eBooks Download


Some sexy excitement was all she craved…
… but she got more than she bargained for.
Now excitement is the last thing on her mind, now she fears for her life!
Brianna once a happy go lucky joyful girl, is a shadow of her former self. In a relationship with her boss Larson Greene, it was all a bit of fun. Until it wasn’t. Until she witnessed something she wished she hadn’t. But it was too late now. She had to get as far away from Larson as she possibly could. Scared and alone she wondered if Larson was searching for her.

Will Brianna ever get out from under the grasp of Larson Greene?
Mason, a private investigator, has been hired by Larson to find Brianna. Mason has been loyal to his boss over the years however, when he catches up with Brianna, his loyalty will be tested to the limit. She is not what he expected, and he needs to make a decision that will impact all of their lives. Will Mason stay true to his boss or true to his heart?

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