Playing with Fire by A.J. Moran (ePUB)

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Playing with Fire (Orion’s Daughter #1) by A.J. Moran – Free eBooks Download


Normally, when I get an order from the council of demon hunters, my mission is usually simple. Catch the demon. Kill the demon. Nothing to it. Imagine my surprise when I get a new order. One to capture and retrieve, for this is no normal bounty. This is one that could end up destroying the world as I know it.
A demon prince just so happens to be in the mortal world, chaos erupting wherever he goes, and if he isn’t returned alive well… the demon king himself will open the gates and release his horde upon the land.
But the prince is no ordinary demon. He just so happens to be a panty-melting incubus and he has me in his sights. How am I supposed to capture him when all I want to do is surrender and use my cuffs in the bedroom?
In over my head, my family sends me back up. Only it just so happens to be my brother’s best friend, who I have had a crush on for years. Add in the complications of a demigod, who is really good for releasing tension, and the attention of a full-blooded God and I have to wonder what have I gotten myself into, taking on this mission?
In order to succeed I must trust my training but what happens when the mind and the body are constantly at odds?

When secrets are revealed, who can I truly trust? Will I succeed or are we all doomed?

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