Playing the Scoundrel by Courtney Willis (ePUB)

playing scoundrel, courtney willis

Playing the Scoundrel (Reluctantly in Love #2) by Courtney Willis – Free eBooks Download


She’s out to teach this scoundrel a lesson, and he’s out to win her heart…
Emma Follett had no hopes out in society with a fallen sister ruined by a rake, but she receives one last chance with help from her grandmother’s society-savvy friend. Now wary of gentlemen in society, Emma is horrified when a roguish man charms and rejects her friend, then turns his attention to Emma. That’s when she decides she’s had enough – Emma is determined to play his game and have her revenge.

Henry Godwin is a known rake and wears the title with pride. Despite family pressure to settle down, Henry is determined to remain a bachelor for life. That is, until he meets the feisty Miss Follet, and believes her to be a worthy opponent, perhaps even someone worth changing his ways. But when her true intentions are revealed, his hopes are shattered, which inspires him to devise a plan of his own.

As Emma begins to see a change in Henry, she wonders if she should give him another chance, or if it will be her ultimate downfall. In a battle of wit and will, when they start falling for each other’s games, who will come out the victor?

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