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Playing The Field (Glendale #2) by Grayson Long – Free eBooks Download


Kate and Malcolm have been inseparable for five years, despite having nothing in common. She’s a free spirit with hot pink tennis shoes. He’s a grump who prefers solitude.
After a bad break up and years of swearing off men, Kate is ready to date again. Whether it’s because of her gal pal’s looming nuptials, or the lonely nights with a pint of ice cream, she isn’t sure. She just knows it’s time to find her person, and trusts the universe will guide her.
Malcolm, on the other hand, has secretly been in love with Kate since the moment they met and sees this as his chance. With the help of their meddling friends and a work trip to the beach, he plans to pull out every play in the book to charm her. He’s ready to go from just friends to something more.
But when reservations mix-ups, surprise guests, and concussions ensue, it seems the universe has its own plan. And maybe that plan is for Kate to choose Malcolm. Really, what’s a girl to do when her best friend starts to become irresistible? A future with him could be so much better than playing the field.

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