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Playing Hard (Bad Boy Sports Romance) by Eve Maddox – Free eBooks Download


Riley Knox is cocky, foul-mouthed and insufferably arrogant. He’s everything I don’t want in a man. So what if he’s gorgeous, ripped, and a college football star?

I’m not that shallow, and I don’t like sports.

It doesn’t help that my dad is Orson Westwood – yeah, the Orson Westwood. Billionaire, philanthropist, old money as hell, and now he’s running for the senate.

Someone like Riley Knox would be totally inappropriate for me to be around. But that’s exactly why my dad’s campaign manager thinks we should pretend to date.

You read that right: to help out my dad’s run for the senate, I have to pretend to date Riley Knox. Never mind that I’ve never even really dated anyone before. Never lost my v-card. I’m too busy being the perfect daughter and student for anything like that.

It shouldn’t be a problem though, right? After all, it’s not like I’m attracted to him. Not with his golden skin, broad shoulders, killer smile, toned abs…

Nope. I’m not interested at all.
So why is it so hard for me to tell whether I want to slap him or kiss him?

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