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Playing for Keeps (Hot on Ice #2) by Aurora Paige – Free eBooks Download


She’s a fierce, award-winning investigative journalist who stops at nothing to uncover the truth.
He’s the alpha and captain of the hottest hockey team in the league who always gets what he wants.
Unfortunately, they’re playing for opposite teams–and only one of them can win.

Katherine Mendoza
I live and breathe investigative journalism and will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth. When I get a lead to the story about the local casino in the area, I can’t pass it over to someone else. This one hits home–and it’s personal. I’m not giving up until I get vengeance for my brother’s death, even if I need to put my desire and feelings aside for one of the casino’s owners, Brandon Owens.

Brandon Owens
When I’m not playing hockey or with women, you can find me at my casino. It’s not all mine yet but will be soon. I own half, but after a friendly wager with my business partner on a poker tournament, the rest is as good as mine assuming I win—I don’t plan on losing. I know what I’m doing, and I always get what I want. Until this pretty young thing comes to the casino. She’s distracting and acts like she doesn’t want me. But soon enough, she’ll be mine as well.

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