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Playing Catch Up (Reagents Protection Agency #4) by Amber Ford – Free eBooks Download


All my life I’ve always wanted one thing.
To fall in love and be happy.
I’ve thought about it happening in a lot of ways, but not the way it actually happens.
I’m a smooth talker, a bit of a player but seeing her for the first time, I finally knew what pure, true love is.
It’s crazy when I say my first true love isn’t the woman I fall in love with, that comes later.
All I know is that I’m never letting either of them go. They’re mine to take care of.

It happened one night six years ago and since then it has been my daughter and me against the world.
But I start to realize that I might not be enough.
She needs a father and I can’t let her go through what I went through when I was younger.
I love her more than life itself.
I used to think that was enough.
I always felt like there was no space for anyone else but my daughter, but little by little he has wedged himself into my heart.
All my defenses crumble until I have no other choice but to let him in.
I can only hope he doesn’t hurt us both.

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