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Player Baby Daddy by B. B. Hamel – Free eBooks Download


I’ve played the game long and hard…
And now it’s time to get what I want.
Baby Daddy? Never pictured it. But now it’s happening.
And I’m not about to back down from a challenege.
I’m used to going rough on the field and rougher in the bedroom.
That’s how I live my life: fast, hard, uncontrolled.
Until I meet Nicole, I never thought I could be contained.
Now all I think about is taking her… and making her all mine.
But there’s a catch, of course there’s a catch.
That sweet little thing is completely off limits.
She’s my new coach’s daughter and I’m trying to get my life on track.
If I screw this up by tasting her, I’ll be right back where I started… nowhere.
I’m the kind of man that won’t be stopped.
And she’s making it very clear that there’s no going back.
When we finally make that perfect mistake….
We get way more than we bargained for.
She’d better watch out, because I’m getting what I want… mommy and baby.

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