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Play Like a Girl (Carolina Waves #5.5) by Tina Gallagher – Free eBooks Download


Play Like a Girl details the full happily-ever-after for Penny Montgomery and Kenny Hanover, the hero and heroine in Throw Like a Girl, but it can be read as a standalone novella.
Who knew that happily ever after was just the beginning?

Penny: I knew my life with Kenny would be amazing—and I was right. We spent an entire blissful year in our happy little love bubble and it was perfect.
But now that my pro softball career has kicked into high gear again, everything is more difficult.
If I’m going to give my best performance at the Olympics, I need to be in top shape physically and mentally. Right now, I’m not. Something’s got to give.
I just need to decide what to sacrifice—my career, or my epic romance.

Kenny: Falling for Penny was never part of my plan.
Her life is on the road while mine is with the Caroline Waves. Logically, I knew getting involved with her was a bad idea.
Too bad my heart had zero interest in logic.
Because now, I’m all in. I love her, and there’s no going back.
But the whole long-distance thing is harder than we ever imagined.
Unless something changes, I’m afraid there might not be an us for much longer.
For Kenny and Penny, there’s no middle ground…unless they’re willing to risk it all and swing for the fences.

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