Plain Jane’s Shadow by Tamrin Banks (ePUB)

plain jane's shadow, tamrin banks

Plain Jane’s Shadow (Endless Obsession) by Tamrin Banks – Free eBooks Download


Alejandro Antonello:
Call me the devil. Call me a cold-blooded killer. If you’ve got the money and I like your job…you can call me whatever you want. I like what I do. Until she makes me feel guilty with her bright smile and happy chatter.
My next-door neighbor is the very definition of sweetly naive. Did I mention I’ve acquired a horrible sweet tooth all of a sudden?
But I won’t touch her. It would go against what’s left of my moral compass to defile such an innocent.
But then she starts sneaking around and following me. Now all bets are off. She caught my eye and now she has to pay the price and I want forever.

Jane Benedict:
Hot and sexy. Those are the first two words I come up with to describe my neighbor. Mysterious and intimidating are the next. When writer’s block rears its ugly head I can’t stop wondering about what he does and why he’s gone such odd hours. Following him is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Before too long, I start noticing things moved in my house. I feel uneasy all the time, a buzzing, icy chill slithering down my back like someone’s watching me.
I thought I was following Alejandro but now I have a feeling the tables have turned and I’m the prey being stalked. What do they want and how far will my stalker go to get it?

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