Plaid to the Bone by Caroline Lee (ePUB)

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Plaid to the Bone (Bad in Plaid #1) by Caroline Lee – Free eBooks Download


Love at First Sight only happens in folk songs…

Leanna Oliphant’s goal is to lead an adventurous life, and it seems as if she’s going to get her wish, even without having to help things along (for a change). Mayhap she shouldn’t have removed all her clothing to bathe in that not-quite-secluded glen, but now she’s caught the eye of a delightfully mysterious—and a good deal more distinguished—Highlander on a secret mission, and knows she’s in for an adventure of a lifetime!

As one of His Majesty’s elite Hunters, Laird Kenneth McClure is on the trail of a missing royal messenger. The brawny warrior doesn’t know whom he can trust at Oliphant Castle, particularly when one of the laird’s lady daughters offers her help. But bubbly Leanna is a ray of sunshine in his jaded life, and he can’t deny the way her soul tugs at his.

When the pair of them discover a dead body in the castle’s secret passages, Kenneth is fairly certain it’s not his missing quarry. Almost. Probably not. But he’s beginning to realize things are not all they seem on Oliphant land…what with the mad laird, hypochondriac lady, more ghosts than he can count, mysterious wailing bagpiper, and who let this random donkey wander through the great hall?

Does the delightful Leanna know more than she’s saying? Kenneth’s mission for the king may be the downfall of this crazy family, and he’s beginning to suspect it’s not worth that sin.

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