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Pirate (Wings of Diablo: New Orleans Chapter #4) by Rae B. Lake – Free eBooks Download


My ex hates my guts. She feels like my brothers and my club always came before my family.
Every moment with her was a constant roller coaster ride of emotion and wild passion.
Our love was intense, fast but worst of all our love was toxic.
Both of us had demons that were too much for the other to handle so after two years of trying to make us work we went our separate ways. It had to be done, even though walking away from her ripped what was left of my soul to shreds.
Even now, no club bunny will ever take her place, no woman can make me forget my Delia. No one comes close to making me feel the type of passion I have for her.
I thought I’d moved on but seeing her on the arm of that bastard drives me wild. She’s mine even if we’re not together. Except it seems I haven’t been protecting what’s mine. She’s in trouble, and she went to someone else for protection. My life and my choices are still finding a way to bring her pain.
Now when I look at Delia I see a woman, who’s hurting and has probably been hurting for a long time. She’s a woman using violence and anger to push people away when she desperately needs someone to stay by her side. She’s a woman made from thorns and chaos and it’ll take all I have to prove to her that I’m not going anywhere ever again.
When I made her my ol’ lady, it was for life. It’s time I remind her.

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