Pioneer Valor by Ramona Flightner (ePUB)

pioneer valor, ramona fightner

Pioneer Valor (The O’Rourke Family Montana Saga #10) by Ramona Flightner – Free eBooks Download


What Happens When He Falls In Love With The Wrong Mail Order Bride?

Oran O’Rourke has lived a charmed life as a member of the esteemed O’Rourke Family in Fort Benton, Montana. Living life to the fullest as a member of the pack, running wild and creating mischief with his younger brothers, he’s thrived living with his extended family. Now, his only unfulfilled dream is to marry, and find happiness as his older siblings have. Against all advice, Oran sends away for a mail-order bride. Finally, she is to arrive as the steamboats begin sailing up river.
Olivia Crawford never wanted to travel to the Montana Territory. When disaster strikes on her journey to Fort Benton, she clings to hope, and a lie, out of desperation and fear. Promising herself she’ll tell Oran everything once they arrive in Fort Benton, she soon discovers the O’Rourkes are everything she’s ever dreamed of for family. As is Oran. How will he react when he learns of her deception?
Awaiting his wedding day, Oran has never known such peace. The woman of his dreams is also his mail order bride.

What happens when Oran’s real mail order bride arrives?

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