Pioneer Redemption by Ramona Flightner (ePUB)

pioneer redemption, ramona fightner

Pioneer Redemption (The O’Rourke Family Montana Saga #8) by Ramona Flightner – Free eBooks Download


A shocking return. A forbidden love. A union destined to destroy his family’s unity.

Finn O’Rourke is a patient man. A loyal man. He loves his family and would never do anything to harm them. But he has one weakness. Winnifred Mortimer. Winn. The woman drives him mad. With longing and bitterness that she never loved him as he did her, he watches her waltz through town with a triumphant sway of her hips, a baby in her arms.

She’s back, but she’s different. Humbled. Meeker. Irate that he still wants her, even after all she’s done, Finn refuses to forgive her. Rebuffs every opportunity to speak with her and to hear about her time away. He will not be played for a fool. Not again.

From the moment of her return, Winnifred Mortimer wreaks havoc. None celebrate her arrival. None have any faith that her attempts to atone for her past transgressions are sincere. Her sisters and the O’Rourkes spurn any overture for reconciliation, and she realizes what true loneliness is: living in a town with family, where no one wants her.

After two years away, Winnifred has learned the value of family, love, and loyalty. However, none believe in her repentance. Not even Finn, the man she’s loved since she first met him three years ago. Destitute and friendless, Winnifred is forced to make a devil’s bargain. Will Finn forsake her, or will he discover the truth in time?

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