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He was always my missing link. I thought our friendship was steadfast. I thought our relationship was unbreakable. I thought our love was resilient and formidable. I was wrong. When he chose her, he broke us. When he let them bully me, our connection was severed.
Now, after years of being apart, he wants to fix what was broken, but how can you mend something so irreparably damaged. How can you fix someone who has been destroyed?

She has always been my heart. The other part of my soul. The beat outside my chest. I was undeniably stupid for turning a blind eye on the only girl I promised to love forever. When she left, she shattered me and took my heart with her. But can I really blame her when I was part of obliterating all the beautiful parts that made her who she was?
Now that she has returned, it’s my job to piece her back together. I’ll do anything to prove she’s the epitome of perfection. I’ll join her in her darkness to bring us both back into the light.

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